Comprehensive and Professional Services

Our business covers corporate restructuring, reorganization, domestic and foreign listing, M&A, assets or share acquisitions, private placement, foreign investment, sino-foreign joint ventures and mortgages.

We reveal the value of enterprises, real estate, plant and machinery, intangible and financial assets and prepare reports for financial reporting, judicial authentication and internal reference purposes.

We also conduct comprehensive services in land use right assessment, investment advisory, feasibility study, asset disposal, land planning and training.

Asset Services
Enterprise Valuation

We provide enterprise evaluations to both domestic and foreign enterprises for various purposes that Include enterprise restructuring, pre-ipo equity joint venture and public stock offering, equity transfer, enterprise mergers and acquisitions, foreign joint venture cooperation, financial reporting, mortgage, legal proceedings, and liquidation.

When will you need enterprise valuation services?
Individual Asset Valuation

CFA is able to provide valuation on individual assets involving plant, machinery, property, land, bonds, trademarks, patents, proprietary technology, copyright, customer relationship, contracts, financial instruments and financial derivatives for transfer, purchase, mortgage, auction, lease, litigation and refund purposes.

Our services cover the following categories:

  • Real Estate Valuation

  • Evaluation of Land Use Rights

  • Plant and Machinery Valuation

  • Intangible Assets Valuation

  • Financial Instruments and Financial Derivatives Valuation

  • Biological Assets Valuation

  • Natural Resource Assessment

When will you need individual asset valuation services?
Valuation for Financial Reporting Purpose

Fair value accounting is commonly applied used for purchasing price allocation, impairment testing, financial assets and other fair value requirements etc.

What role can we play in financial reporting?
When will you need valuation for financial reporting purpose?